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Do You Have a US $2 Bill, It Could Be Worth $20,000.00



Do You Have a US $2 Bill, It Could Be Worth $20,000.00

The Potential Value

According to the US Currency Auctions, a U.S. $2 bill featuring Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the United States, could fetch a staggering $20,000. This incredible value might be lurking in your wallet or kitchen junk drawer.

Understanding the Rarity

Despite the common belief that $2 bills are scarce, they’re actually quite abundant, with 100 million printed in the last five years alone. However, certain factors can turn these bills into valuable collectibles.

Key Factors for Value

Three main factors determine the value of a $2 bill: the serial number, the date of printing, and the bill’s condition.

Serial Numbers

Fancy serial numbers, such as those with unique patterns or sequences, can significantly increase a $2 bill’s worth. Examples include ‘solid’ numbers with repeated digits or ‘ladder’ numbers with ascending sequences.

Age and Date

Older $2 bills, particularly those from before 1918, are generally more valuable. Bills older than 100 years are considered particularly rare and sought after by collectors.


The bill’s condition plays a crucial role in determining its value. Well-preserved bills from significant years can command high prices at auction.

Assessing Value

While grading can enhance a bill’s value, it’s not always necessary, especially for modern $2 bills. Heritage Auctions offers free online appraisals for those curious about the worth of their bills.

The Legacy of the $2 Bill

The $2 bill, featuring Thomas Jefferson and the signing of the Declaration of Independence, holds a unique place in American currency. Though less common in circulation, it’s still legal tender and can be used for transactions like any other U.S. dollar.


Discovering the hidden value of a $2 bill could turn into a lucrative find. With attention to detail and an understanding of key factors, you might just uncover a treasure worth far more than its face value.

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